AMarkets Significantly Reducing Spreads for Cryptocurrency Trades!

Dear partners!


25 January 2018 new terms and conditions for trades with cryptocurrencies will take effect. The information is also available on website in the specification of tools under the “cryptopairs” tab.

The spread sizes are reduced to the following levels:

  • BTCUSD to $ 150-200.
  • ETHUSD to $ 30-40.
  • LTCUSD to $ 20-30.

The margin requirement changes are as follows:

  • Up to 1: 3 leverage (margin requirement: 33%) for deposits up to $ 20 000.
  • Up to 1: 1 leverage (margin requirement: 100%) for deposits more than $ 20 000.

The size of swaps change depending on the type of transaction:

  • 30% for selling trades.
  • 60% for buying trades.

The the maximum total volume of cryptocurrencies per client is 25 000 USD

Please update the information on your resources.

Also, please inform all your customers as soon as possible!