UTM Tags: How Can the Effectiveness of Advertising Campaigns in AMarkets Be Tracked?

Greetings, Dear Partners!


It is impossible to achieve a high ROI without serious work with analytics, since such a “blind job” can lead to a meaningless waste of the budget, in the absence of the appropriate and desired result.


In AMarkets, we know exactly from which advertisement the request or even the call came because we value our resources.

What is ROI and How is it Evaluated?

ROI stands for Return on Investment. The ROI indicator is the ratio of the amount of profit or loss to the amount of investment.


Example calculation of ROI:


As a basis, we will take the advertising campaign on Facebook, whose results are the following figures:


Investments in advertising: – $ 1.500


Income from investments: –  $3.000


ROI = (3 000 – 1 500) / 1 500 = 1 multiplied by 100% (ROI is generally considered as a percentage)


ROI = 100%


Not bad a result!


But unfortunately, this is not always the case, or more precisely, this result can be achieved in 3 out of 7 PK.


The main question is whether it makes sense to conduct endless test advertising campaigns and expect a profit, if with the correct initial configuration and observance of elementary rules, you can immediately make a conclusion about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. At the same time, you will absolutely surely save the initial budget for attraction.


Know the ROI for each source of attraction – it’s the key to a successful, long-term and profitable partnership!

What are UTM Tags and What Are They For?

UTM tags are small pieces of code that are added to the URL. Each parameter in the UTM-label consists of two parts – the name of the parameter and its value.


A few short facts about the tool:


  • UTM is designed to determine which traffic source brings the greatest result.
  • Labelling UTM references is a simple process and does not require any programming knowledge.
  • UTMs are defined link markers that convey the necessary information to web analytics services.
  • UTM is a normal parameter passed to the URL, usually after the “?”
  • UTM has two types of parameters – primary and secondary.

Before describing the process of link formation, we want to note that advertising campaigns can be conducted both on the Internet (hereinafter – online) and on various print media – press, handouts (hereinafter – offline).


To create the correct reference with a label, you need the URL Builder .


Further, we fill in the information in the form using the data presented in the table; we will work on an example of the most effective landing page


Parameter Type Transmitted parameter In AMarkets it is customary to use:
Mandatory UTM parameters



utm_source (source of traffic, conversion) web-site (the address of the site to the point), where the link will be placed google, yandex, yahoo fb, vk, inst, social network newsletter
utm_medium (traffic type) text, banner, display, cpm organic, cpc, cpm text, banner, cpc, cpm, display email
utm_campaign (name of advertising campaign, advertising product, campaign strategy) test, demo, allproducts, metatrader, robox, xstation, mirrortrader, prom est, demo, allproducts, metatrader, robox, xstation, mirrortrader, promo test, demo, allproducts, metatrader, robox, xstation, mirrortrader, promo test, demo, allproducts, metatrader, robox, xstation, mirrortrader, promo
Optional UTM parameters


utm_term (keyword) Keywords or additional information (sizes, versions and other parameters of materials used in the advertising campaign).
utm_content (information about content) Helps distinguish between ads that contain the same keywords or add information (sizes, versions and other parameters of materials used in the advertising campaign).



When generating your link with UTM tags, it IS MANDATORY to insert your referral link from your partner’s personal cabinet which contains your unique promo code.


So, for an example, from the completed form (screen1), we can conclude that we are going to do newsletters for our clients.


Completed forms:


  1. Destination URL – your referral link contained in the body of the message.
  2. Campaign source (utm_source) – “newsletter” – specify the source of the conversion.
  3. The campaign channel (utm_medium) is the “email” type of traffic.
  4. The name of the campaign (utm_campaign) – “promo” displays the body of the letter, the information specified in the letter itself. In this case, this is a promotion associated with the introduction of new currency pairs.
  5. We do not forget that the parameters utm_term and utm_content are not mandatory (except for work with contextual advertising), but they can be used to specify additional parameters – the size of the banner and keyword used in the mailing.

If you want your link to look short, bright and memorable, you can use link shortening services, for example or Insert the link from UTM into the service, and on the output, you get a short version.


Now we can see real statistics on partnering with you. All information will be correctly displayed in the personal cabinet of AMarkets’ partner.


Just imagine how this will simplify the work with analytics and will allow us to carry out our advertising campaigns much more effectively.


Free yourself from restraints of poor-quality traffic! Feel the real profit from the partnership with AMarkets!


And we, in turn, pledge to help you realise your potential.

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