About AMarkets Company


AMarkets is an international brokerage company, widely known all over the world. since 2007 as a reliable partner in the financial markets. Initially, the company offered profit opportunities in the Forex market alone, but in 2015 the product line significantly expanded, making it possible to trade stock, commodity and CFD (contracts for difference) instruments. In this regard, the company decided to embark on a rebranding mission and create a new brand that clearly reflects trading opportunities, available to all clients. That’s how the AMarkets company was founded. Today it offers high-quality trading services and investment opportunities to clients around the globe.


We offer a wide range of financial instruments for online trading, including currencies, metals, commodities, stocks, bonds, as well as contracts for the difference for world indices –  over 300 different trading assets, available for trading. We provide premium services, paying special attention to price feeds, execution speed and accuracy of order flow.
Striving for continuous improvement, we took execution speed to its highest in the industry – just 0.03 seconds. The orders are executed so fast, traders won’t have time to blink.


Providing direct access to global markets, the company routes thousands of client trades every day, using necessary tools for independent and algorithmic trading. The company’s product line includes innovative investment instruments for clients who wish to invest in professional traders or copy their trades.


Our core mission is to constantly refine our trading technologies in order to improve client profitability and offer the best trading conditions in the industry. Today AMarkets holds leading positions in terms of client success rate, as evidenced by quarterly reports on the company’s website.

The company is going an extra mile, continuing to develop new services and products and introduce innovation technologies, to keep a steady stream of new successful clients.

Transparent working conditions


AMarkets uses advanced liquidity aggregation technologies, modern trading platforms and mechanisms for direct access to the interbank market – STP, ECN.

We work only with trusted and reliable partners:





Safety of client funds at AMarkets


AMarkets pays special attention to the safety of its clients’ funds. AMarkets is a member of the Financial Commission, an independent external dispute resolution organization, which provides an insurance for up to 20,000 € per each case. Therefore, every client can be confident, that their funds are safe, and the company will fulfill its obligations in any situation.


AMarkets also offers opening and setting up of accounts with X Open Hub – its FCA regulated English partner. This offer is primarily aimed at providing services to institutional clients and hedge funds, that utilize direct API trading (FIX protocol 4.4 and Java), on favorable terms.

AMarkets Awards


In order to keep a competitive edge,  we are committed to continuous improvement of our products and services. With this in mind,  AMarkets team achieve outstanding results in the international arena:


  • Best affiliate programs in the financial markets RACE Awards 2016
  • Best FOREX broker in the affiliate programs marketRACE Awards 2015
  • Highest Clients` Success Rate IAFT Awards 2014
  • Best Execution Speed IAFT Awards 2014
  • Fastest growing STP broker asia 2013
  • Dynamic development IAFT Awards 2012
  • Best educational program ShowFX 2011
  • Discovery of the Year Newsland 2009


Affiliate Programs

We are dedicated to build long-term and mutually beneficial partner relationships, as the majority of clients are attracted to the company by our partners, who also make profit with AMarkets.

We organize effective promotional campaigns targeted at attracting professionals in their field. The company is doing its best to offer the most attractive terms of cooperation to its partners, as well as useful marketing and advertising tools to attract clients.

A good product is very easy to recommend to others. This is what makes most of our partners successful. You can join our company at any time and start making profit in any way most beneficial for you right away.

Should you have any questions, feel free to  contact us anytime:  partner@amarkets.com

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