How Can You Make Money with Amarkets Partnership Program?

Partners attract clients to AMarkets using various promotional tools, provided by the Company in the Partner Area.

The Partner’s remuneration depends on the chosen model of cooperation:


  1. Webmaster – CPL+CPA program (Cost per lead + Cost per action) – one-time payouts for each qualified registration and payouts for each funded account.

The Partner’s remuneration depends on the amount of the client’s total deposit at the end of the client verification period. Payouts are made on a daily basis after being confirmed by the Senior Affiliate Manager;

  1. Agent – Revenue Share – regular payouts based on referred clients’ trading activity. Part of commission received by AMarkets from each client is paid to the Partner. Payouts are made on a daily basis as clients close their trades.

It’s important to understand that Partner’s remuneration doesn’t depend on the clients’ trading success.


The Partner can access detailed and transparent reports and statistics in his Personal Area. Profit withdrawals are made via any of the available payment methods, according to the terms set by the selected payment system.    

To start earning register as a Partner now – take the first step towards your success together with AMarkets!

How to refer clients to AMarkets?

AMarkets provides various opportunities for partners to successfully attract new clients. We offer today’s leading marketing tools:

1. Referral links contain all the necessary information about the client for his automatic transfer to the partner group immediately after the registration, as well as for displaying detailed statistics in the Personal Area. Referral links do not expire, they are stored until deleted by the Client.
2. Banners and widgets – graphic elements which contain the Partner’s referral link.
3. Promo Code – a unique parameter provided to each Partner immediately after the registration. It is an integral part of the referral link and is used as a separate tool to attract clients and get them to register an account.
4. Meta-tag (website verification) – a label that is embedded in the HTML code of the website’s main page to determine if it belongs to a particular Partner. This allows to assign clients to a partner group without using referral links and excludes the possibility of mixing with other partners, ensuring that all customers who have transferred from the Partner’s website to AMarkets’ site are assigned correctly.
5. Landing pages draw the customers’ attention to certain products for more effective sales (direct selling). You can embed a promotional code or publish them on your own domain, which will allow you to use meta-tags.
6. RSS-feed allows posting news, analytics, company share prices and other information on your site automatically.
7. Email templates are used by partners for email marketing.

Read more about our marketing tools in the “Partner Tools” section of our portal.

In addition to the automatic transfer of clients to a Partner group, a Partner can always contact his personal manager and request to assign a client manually. In this case, a Partner will need to provide the client’s registration data. This option is available within 15 days from the client’s registration.

What if my client previously used advertising materials of another partner?

Whether the client is assigned to a particular Partner can be determined by the last referral link used by the client.


In order to eliminate a conflict of interests between Partners, we developed alternative ways to register clients at our company. A promotional code entered during the last step of the registration or a special tag embedded the partner’s website identifying it as the primary source, regardless of the circumstances.

The above-mentioned tools are prioritized as follows:

  • promo code;
  • meta-tag (verified website);
  • referral links or other sources which contain them, such as banners.

Please note: The referral link does not provide a 100% guarantee for assigning a client to a Partner’s group. Therefore, always make sure that the client has been assigned to your group immediately after the registration in your Personal Area to be able to transfer the client manually in a timely manner through your personal account manager. In order to exclude the possibility of losing customers upon registration, we strongly recommend that you use a promotional code when you personally recommend the company to someone.


If you have your own blog or a website, we recommend using a meta-tag. If you don’t have your own website/blog, we can provide you with your personal landing page with an embedded promotional code.

Do partner tags expire?

AMarkets does not impose any limits on the lifetime of “cookies”, so they will remain active until the client himself clears his browser history.


This is an additional advantage of our Partnership program, which prevents Partners from losing their clients who didn’t immediately register for some reason.


Removal of partner tags can occur automatically as a result of a scheduled operating system clean up by means of special software that the client can use, so the most reliable way to attach a potential client to your Partner group – is via the promotional code.

You can send a request to change a promo code to your personal manager. If the promo code isn’t used by other partners, it will be available immediately after the request is processed.

You can send a request to change your promotional code to your personal manager, if you want to give it some special value. If such a promotional code is not used by other partners, it will be available immediately after the request is executed.

How is the Agent’s (IB) remuneration calculated and paid?

AMarkets shares a part of its income, generated from the attracted clients’ trading activity. After the trade on a client’s account is closed, the system automatically calculates the trading volume (measured in lots) and multiplies it by the remuneration rate (in US dollars), which depends on the client’s account type and specific instrument. That’s how the Agent’s remuneration is calculated.


Let’s take a simple example:

A client traded 5 lots on a “Fixed” account. The Partner who attracted this client gets 60% of the Company’s income from this trades, which in monetary terms is $15 from 1 lot.

The total amount of remuneration using a simple formula is:

5 lots * $15 =  $75

Remuneration will be credited to the Partner’s virtual Wallet in the Partner Area the next day after the client closed his positions.

Detailed information on remuneration rates for each instrument and account type can be viewed in the Personal Area.


The Partner’s remuneration rate is progressive and depends on the total trading turnover within the calendar month:

  • 40% of AMarkets’ income — up to 100 lots per month;
  • 50% – 101-300 lots per month;
  • 60% – 301 lots and higher.

Also, Agents can earn not only from their clients but also from the clients of second- and third-level Partners:

  • 15% of the Company’s income from the second-level partners’ clients
  • 5% of the Company’s income from the third-level partners’ clients


As you can see, AMarkets offers a great variety of earning opportunities.


Remuneration conditions


The Agent’s remuneration becomes available for withdrawal after he attracts his third active client (a client who deposited his account with his own funds and made at least one trade).


How much you can earn

Every month our Agents receive 5-10% of each client’s deposit.

How is the Webmaster’s remuneration calculated and paid?

Webmasters receive fixed payouts in two stages:


  1. For each qualified registration – up to $10 per lead.
  2. For each funded account – the payment amount depends on the client’s total Net deposit during the period of his verification (10 or 15 days depending on the Partner’s remuneration package) and can be up to $500 per client.

Net deposit  = Total deposits – Total withdrawals (Excluding profit, only the client’s own funds)


Webmaster receives on average 30% of the client’s deposit. Remuneration is credited immediately upon the payment confirmation by the Senior Affiliate Manager after the client has been successfully verified.


The Сompany is entitled to extend the client’s verification period in order to make a final decision on payment to the Partner. This can happen due to the following reasons:

  • the client is not responding, the manager can’t get in touch with him;
  • the client hasn’t verified his account;
  • there are justified reasons to believe that there are registration arrangements between the client and the partner in order to receive remuneration (auto-referral).

All Partner information can be found in their Personal area, including the progress and status of the client’s verification.

What are the average conversion rates to registered and funded accounts?

Results can vary greatly, depending on the source and the partner’s target audience. Also, the partner’s landing page is of great importance in terms of prospective clients.


Average data for all partners:

Registrations – 10%;

Funded accounts – 30%.

If a client opens a new account, will the Partner receive remuneration from it?

A client is assigned to the Partner’s group by the account in general (client’s email), therefore all his new trading accounts will be also linked to the same Partner group. So the Partner will receive remuneration from all his client’s accounts. Thus, the Partner doesn’t have to worry about losing the client over time and the Partner can be sure that he will receive remuneration throughout the entire period of the client’s trading with the company.

If my client becomes a partner will I receive remuneration from his clients?

Yes, if you are an Agent (IB). Webmasters do not participate in the multi-level motivation program. Even if you already cooperate with our Company as a Webmaster, you can always register as an Agent and earn with both of these cooperation models.

What withdrawal options are available to partners?

Partners can withdraw their remuneration using any convenient payment method available in the Personal Area. A full list of payment methods can be found on the official website of the Company.


Additional withdrawal terms:

  • for unverified accounts, remuneration can be withdrawn only to a bank account;
  • withdrawal over $ 1000 a month via electronic payment systems is available only to verified payment systems;
  • the Company compensates withdrawal commission charged by payment systems to Partners: once a month for withdrawals from $ 1000 only for fully verified partners (account and payment method) and once a month (every second Wednesday of the month) to all partners, but only for the first transaction.   
How to start earning with AMarkets’ Partnership Programs?

You are just three steps away from your profit:


  1. Complete a simple Partner registration form, choose “Agent” or “Webmaster” as your desired model of cooperation.
  2. Explore your Personal area, familiarize yourself with its functionality and educational materials. Discuss the ways to attract new clients with your personal manager.

3. Start attracting clients. Monitor statistics, analyze results and receive your remuneration.

Still have questions we didn’t answer?

Contact your personal account manager. Сontact details are available in the “Support” section of your Personal area or in the first welcome letter, emailed to you immediately after the registration as an AMarkets Partner.


You can always get in touch with us by using the Contact information on the Partner portal or our main website.


Email us at partner@amarkets.com or call +382 20 683 310

We are always happy to help and answer all your questions!


Partnership Terms


Partner Agreement – Agent


Partner Agreement – Webmaster


Email us at partner@amarkets.com or call +382 20 683 310

We are always happy to help and answer all your questions!

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