Partner Tools

Partner Code

This is a unique identifier issued to all partners when they register with AMarkets.




You can make it unique – just send us a request! 

The partner code identifies the client/sub-partner during registration and automatically assigns them to the Partner’s group.

Referral Links

This is a special link that contains the Partner’s Promo Code. To get this link add /g/PARTNER CODE to the end of any AMarkets page URL address.
For example, to get the referral link for the AMarkets homepage (, simply change the URL to the following: CODE.
After the client clicks on the link, cookie will be created in his browser and will remain there until the client deletes it. This means that if a client opens the link and does not initially open a trading/investment account, when they return they will automatically be assigned to the Partner account if they still have the cookie.

Note: if the client previously opened a referral link of another partner, then he will be assigned by the system to this partner’s account as the primary source of the link. To avoid this, allow verification of the site or page hosted on its own Partner’s hosting service.


This is visual advertising material for use on personal sites or on third-party Internet sites. They have referral links already built into the images themselves.
Find them in the “Banners” section of the Partner’s Area.
Just choose the banner you like and then click on the “Get Banner” button on the right side of the page. Next, select the banner size and press the “Get Banner” button again.


RSS Feed

Information feeds that allow you to automatically send information from the AMarkets’ website to Partner’s sites.


Every Partner is assigned a personal manager to be a reliable assistant in solving all issues.


A Partner can have their personal manager manually add clients to their personal account if for some reason they are not assigned to the Partner automatically.


Information about your personal manager and their contact details can be found on the main page of the Partner’s dashboard as well as in the welcome letter.


To manually add clients it is necessary to submit to your personal manager their personal account wallet number, email and full name.