Ernst & Young Confirms Credibility of AMarkets!

The big auditing company Ernst & Young conducted a thorough audit of AMarkets’ financial status. Their results concluded that the amount of money in the company’s accounts is more than the amount of its liabilities to clients!

This means that AMarkets is always ready to execute all withdrawal requests from clients and partners without dire consequences for the business, since the clients’ funds are not used for its overhead.

Ernst & Young — is a reputable auditing and consulting company with its headquarters based in London. The company has 728 offices in 150 countries, with a personnel of more than 230 thousand. Ernst & Young regularly runs the audits of companies such as Ikea, McDonald’s, Porsche, London Stock Exchange, Facebook, Google, and BP, to mention but a few.

To view the official audit report, follow this link..

We believe that this additional element of the company’s credibility will afford our partners to draw more clients.

Remember that AMarkets is regulated by The Financial Commission, which not only controls the activities of the company, but it also insures the fund deposits of each client for up to 20 000 USD. AMarkets turns 10 years on 6th of October!