Results of The Partners’ Contest and New Earning Opportunities


The Contest of Partners ran its course, and the winners have been awarded already:
1. Wallet Account 108299
2. Wallet Account 156503
3. Wallet Account 60955


As a token of appreciation for the most active and goal-driven participants in our partnership programs, we awarded them a bonus 10% of the total remuneration received during the contest from 15th May to 10th september.


If you’ve missed this event, for contest details follow this link.


We were dazzled by an unexpected finale as many new partners happened to be contenders who joined the race during the final stretch. This proves all the more that there is always a chance to win, even if you joined a fight at the eleventh hour.


If you weren’t lucky enough to scoop up a prize, cheer up; we have more contests ahead, during which you can prove yourself and receive additional benefits from your affiliation with AMarkets.


We don’t have time to be down in the dumps if we have many new joint triumphs ahead; and here, are the reasons why:
  1. We launched a separate type of account, solely in Bitcoin,, which allows you to deposit,withdraw and trade directly in this cryptocurrency. Don’t forget that in AMarkets you can earn from the 8 most popular cryptocurrencies. Head in this direction, riding on the wave of its popularity and alert your clients about it today!
  2. Many partners have not forgotten about the copy trading service, Mirror Trader, which, a couple of years ago, allowed many partners to significantly advance their projects and earn from it. By popular demand, we re-introduced this platform into the company products, opening a new earning potential for you.
  3. Following the official conclusion of the audit by Ernst & Young, the clients appraised the credibility of AMarkets further. The scrutiny results lend credence to the solidity of the company, due to the fact that its cash balances exceed its liabilities to clients. This means that the company does not use client funds for overhead, ergo, the company is able to process any withdrawal requests, of any amount, from the clients, without negatively impacting the business. Visit our website for more:
Got questions? You can always contact your personal manager to learn more about the earning opportunities in AMarkets, and the latest news updates.

We wish you a prosperous business season and lucrative earnings with AMarkets!