How to earn 25 647 USD from one client in just two months?

The income of partners who work within the Agent cooperation model depends directly on the trading activity of their clients. The more the referred clients trade with AMarkets, the more the partner earns.
This affiliate program allows you to earn during the entire period of the client’s trading with the company. Therefore, in the long run, the partner’s income can amount to thousands of dollars. Sometimes a partner can receive commission from only one active client, which happened to our new partner from the Middle East.
In just two months, the client has achieved a total trading turnover of 6,560 lots, which allowed the partner to earn 25,647 USD. It is worth noting that this client keeps trading successfully with AMarkets, so the partner continues to generate stable passive income.

It’s important to understand that to generate such a turnover, a client should have at least 100,000 USD in his account. So, the more funds your clients deposit into their accounts, the higher is your partner reward and the bigger is your income from their trading turnover. For a partner, it’s most beneficial to attract active traders and work under the “Agent” cooperation model.
This partner provides training to his traders and personally monitors their trading activity to offer timely assistance and advice, when necessary. Such an approach allows you to keep in close contact with your customers and achieve better customer loyalty. For such partners, word-of-mouth marketing is the main channel for attracting new clients.
We hope that this success story inspires you to work with your customers more effectively, maximize your income, develop and promote the products and services that you offer to your audience.
We wish you all big profits and outstanding results!