Webmaster Success story

Dear Partners! 
We are pleased to share with you a new success story – the real case, based on the activity of one of our partners who chose the Webmaster affiliate model.
The partner created the Telegram channel and regularly shared successful strategies and trading methods that can be found in the public domain on the Internet with his audience.
He also used the Autochartist technical analysis software. Autochartist is a trading signals service provided by AMarkets to all its clients free of charge. Every day, the partner transmits trading signals received from this analytical platform to his Telegram channel. At the beginning of each week, he makes a short review, summing up the results of the previous week. To demonstrate how traders can earn in the financial markets using trading signals, he deposited $1,000 in his personal trading account. To make it work, the partner traded on a demo account for two months to gain the necessary experience and test the service himself.

The partner’s trading account balance at the time of the publication was $1,529.

Six months after the launch of his channel, the partner managed to attract about 2,400 targeted subscribers. To achieve these results, the partner used social media and native advertising (paid content) targeting niche groups and other Telegram channels devoted to finance and investing. He also started a finance blog on Yandex Zen media content platform and created his own Youtube channel to share his personal experience and trading results in the financial markets. On some resources, he managed to post his information for free using reciprocal linking.
For the past three months of work, the partner demonstrated the following results:

  • Funds spent on channel promotion: $1,428
  • Profit from qualified registrations: $2,720
  • Total registrations: 203
  • Paid: 136
  • Rejected: 23
  • Under moderation: 44
  • Reward for activated accounts: $1,125
  • Clients: 46
  • Funds raised: $82,192

The partner’s total net profit amounted to: $12,542 (15% of the total amount of funds raised), which is approximately $4,180 per month.
This is a great example of an integrated approach to affiliate marketing, which proves to be the most effective

Have you already started developing your own project, building your business in the finance field and making money with AMarkets?