BTC: Discover a new way to withdraw your remuneration in Bitcoin

Dear Partners,
Money transfers using cryptocurrency are no longer an innovation. The number of cryptocurrency transactions grows day by day. Many financial services companies, including AMarkets, offer cryptocurrency services. Today, we not only offer 7 most popular cryptocurrencies for trading, we also allow our clients and partner to deposit/withdraw funds on favorable terms using the Mercuryo payment system
Mercuryo withdrawal benefits:

  • Anonymity of money transfers;
  • Fast and secure transfers. The average transaction processing time is 30 minutes;
  • Low commission, only 1%. AMarkets fully compensates commission fees for any withdrawal of 1000 USD and greater;
  • An easy way to become the owner of a promising digital asset – Bitcoin.

Remuneration received in BTC can be used to buy various products online or pay for various services. You can also convert it into fiat money and transfer it to a bank card, or use money exchange services to get cash.
To learn more about Mercuryo payment system, feel free to familiarize yourself with the step-by-step instructions