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Become an AMarkets partner to earn $400,000 in RAMM service


Some people believe that trading in the foreign exchange market is risky – they are afraid of losing their savings. If you’re one of those people, you may consider investing your money using special investment services, for example, the RAMM Copy trading service.


When you use a copy trading service, a unique system transmits signals about the opening and closing of transactions from the supplier to the investor. Notice that opening and closing occur automatically, without the investor’s participation.


Recently, the RAMM service has taken the lead, and AMarkets has the best one.


It is easy to make money with the RAMM platform. You do not need a deep understanding of the market. In addition, the service provides a high level of funds security and minimizes risks.


All the investor’s money is kept in this account. He has full control over his funds, which provides complete security. Using a wide range of risk control settings, an investor can manage the amount of profit and loss and set the comfortable volume of copying.


You can use your RAMM account to follow a limitless number of strategies. For your convenience, all statistical data is kept in one place. You can access it with just one click. In addition, the RAMM service guarantees stable platform operations and the accuracy of copying transactions.


Copy trading is a win-win for both investors who copy the strategies and professional traders who create these strategies and offer trading signals, receiving commission from the attracted investors. On top of that, managing traders can earn additional income with the AMarkets affiliate program. Here is how:

How to choose a strategy

You may find a suitable strategy using the Strategy rating. Here are a few steps how to do it:


  • The first step – you need to go to the “Personal Account” of the AMarkets broker;
  • The second step – from there, go to the “RAMM service”;
  • The third step – select the “Rating” section.

The rating provides a list of available strategies. Pay attention to the key selection criteria: strategy’s age, monthly yield, investments (number of followers). It makes sense to know how the trader’s commission is calculated. There are two types of trader’s fees in the RAMM platform – the Turnover fee and the Performance fee. Clicking on the name of the strategy gives you the necessary information. Let’s find out the difference between these types of fees:

  • Turnover fee. The trader receives a commission depending on the trading turnover of investments into his strategy. The Turnover fee is set in US currency per $1 million of trade turnover. Accumulation occurs during the opening and closing of the transaction. For example, if you set the commission at $10 and a transaction with a volume of 0.5 on EUR/USD was opened, the commission will be $0.5, and the investor will be charged $1.

  • Performance fee is set by a trader when the strategy is being created. It can vary from 0% to 50%. All investors will pay the trader a part of their profit according to the specified fee rate. If the performance fee is set at 20%, and the investor receives $1,000 from copying trades, then he will pay $200 to the managing trader, and the net profit will be $800.

What is an investment portfolio?

An investment portfolio is a set of carefully tuned parameters based on an investor’s preferences. First, go to the “rating” section and select a strategy in the search bar to select an investment strategy. In the window that appears, you will find the parameters of the investment portfolio:


  • Multiplier. It is a copy coefficient that you can change from 0.1 to 10. If you set the multiplier to 3, then the profitability and risk on copied trades will be three times higher in contrast with the profitability and risk on the original strategy.

  • Target. This indicator shows the investment profit target. When the target is reached, copying is stopped, and the investor decides whether to continue using this strategy or not.

  • Protection. Stop-loss orders reflect the limit that the investor wants to keep in case the strategy becomes unprofitable. When the level is reached, copying will be stopped, and then the investor decides whether he will continue to use this strategy or not.

In the case of using the strategy further – a new indicator value should be set. The protective investment threshold is designated as a percentage. If it is equal to 50%, with an investment of $1,000, the trading is automatically stopped when the threshold of $500 is reached.

Simply become a partner

The exceptional experience of an AMarkets partner will give us a real case of how you can earn more than $400,000 in six months and provide income to 712 investors for a total of $1.35 million.


In fact, the AMarkets partner created their own RAMM strategy, which attracted more than 600 clients between November 13, 2021, and March 3, 2022. The investing strategy still has many grateful followers.


The managing trader receives a commission from the investor’s profit, as we have already said. Likewise, if he becomes AMarkets partner and attracts new investors, he can earn even more. We are talking about the affiliate remuneration from the trading turnover.


The model involves the three types of generating income:

  • The trader receives up to 50% of the profit on transactions.
  • Using the strategy, the trader receives a commission of $5 per lot from the trading turnover of all attracted investors.
  • Investors attracted personally by the trader receive a commission of $15 per lot.

Attracted investments that exceeded $2.4 million allowed the partner to receive an excellent commission within the affiliate program. Furthermore, the partner received almost 400% commission from the strategy profit.

How to earn within the model

  1. Creating your trading strategy and attracting clients who will use it. Thereby, the partner does not depend on other traders, and the income is formed from the following sources:
  • Independent trading;
  • From the turnover of RAMM investors (Turnover fee and Performance fee);
  • Affiliate reward.
  1. Search for a trader who will create a strategy and attract a customer flow of people who are ready to use it. In fact, customers click the link when they understand the profit pattern and can see how profit is generated transparently. Also, the partner and the managing trader are able to find common ground in profit sharing.
  1. Choose and apply several strategies from the list offered on the AMarkets website and attract clients ready to use them. This model does not imply cooperation with a managing trader but only attracts customer flow. Your careful choice of proven and profitable strategies can lead to large and long-term income.

Partner’s profit in numbers

Throughout the above-mentioned period, the partner managed to attract 614 clients, and the vast majority chose his strategy for investing. At its peak, the number of investors in the strategy reached 700 people. The total affiliate reward amounted to $107,689.


      • The client will make a decision at once if a significant number of investors follow the strategy that gives a stable profit.
      • A considerable number of investors is a guarantee of large income for the managing trader as well as its partner if he has chosen to make money on the trading turnover with a profit pattern called “Agent.”

The partner also received $260,370 as a Performance fee from investors’ profit and another $32,070 as a Turnover commission.


Here is another interesting point. The AMarkets broker has the ACARD system, which is designed specifically to meet the needs of AMarkets Payment Agents. ACARD system uses USD as the accounting currency. If you want to use a different currency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your personal manager.


It is a brilliant example of how your income can grow in just a few months and reach tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars with AMarkets. Follow the cases of successful partners to become one of them. In addition, you may contact company representatives for personal marketing support in the form of banners, landing pages, and creatives. AMarkets is a haven of productive, long-term, and successful cooperation in an ocean of constant changes.


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