WordPress plugin to manage affiliate links and track their auto replacement


Affiliate programs are an accessible and effective tool for making money online based on the company’s resources and products. Nowadays, affiliate marketing uses modern and advanced technologies, which allows users to get everything they need to earn money and scale their affiliate business successfully. It is convenient and straightforward. You don’t need to create the product yourself, and you already have the necessary infrastructure to promote and advertise it.


AMarkets keeps up with the industry trends and makes every effort to simplify the work of its partners and help them attract new customers, as well as to automate this process as much as possible.


Taking into account the constantly changing environment surrounding online marketing and regional regulations and peculiarities of access to finance-related websites, AMarkets specialists have developed a unique application plugin for WordPress, one of the world’s most popular website building platforms. Today, WordPress powers about 40% of all the websites on the Internet. The plugin will simplify partners’ work with the company’s referral system.


After successful moderation, the plugin was uploaded to the official plugin repository at WordPress. Any partner of the company can download it absolutely for free. To do it, one simply needs to browse to the plugins management section and enter «AMarkets» in the search bar. The process of installing and maintaining the plugin is fully automated.


Why is this plugin so useful?


The plugin is designed to keep your referral links up to date. It allows you not to miss a single customer attracted through the partner’s website. If the referral link stops working or leads to the website’s missing page, the plugin replaces the link and modifies it to make it functional. At the same time, physically, the website code is not subject to any changes and modifications, so the link remains relevant throughout the entire period as long as the plugin is active. Once you deactivate the plugin, all previously installed affiliate links will return to their original form. The plugin operation is as simple and safe as possible since it does not perform any unnecessary actions and does not affect the website’s functionality, so it cannot harm its work in any way.


Since you don’t need to modify and rewrite links in the code for the plugin to work, when you deactivate or remove it, users do not lose access to all the links previously installed on the website. For the plugin to work correctly, it is recommended to keep it active at all times and make sure you update it regularly. AMarkets IT specialists update the list of available domain names now and then. The performance of these domain names depends on the specific location of the user. This is very important given the wide geography of the company’s clients – more than 150 different countries.


How to install the AMarkets plugin:


1. Log in to your WP admin area and go to Plugins > Add New.
2. In the search field, enter the name of the plugin «AMarkets Affiliate Links» and press the «Enter» key.
3. After you have found the plugin, click «Install Now», and the plugin will be installed shortly.
4. After installing the plugin, click the «Activate Plugin» button at the bottom of the page.
5. It’s all set. The plugin is now running and does not require any additional configuration. Links to outdated partner domains are automatically replaced with the relevant ones.


The installation process is quick and easy, which makes this plugin an effective and valuable tool for all partners of the company who have their own website and affiliate links posted on it. You no longer have to monitor the relevance of links and their performance yourself. The AMarkets’ WordPress plugin will do it for you.


If your website runs on WordPress, we strongly suggest installing and testing the «AMarkets Affiliate Links» plugin.


Get your business going with AMarkets. It’s simple and effective!

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