Free website builder from Microsoft threatens web design agencies around the world


Microsoft has expanded its range of products by developing a new website builder that allows users to create their own websites without having any coding knowledge and web design skills. With help of this new website builder, you can create a well-functional website that will contain all the necessary information about your product or service. But to advertise it in the future you would need to use the Microsoft platform. Thus, users can take an integrated approach to organizing their online business and its subsequent promotion.


Website for your business absolutely for free


Microsoft has focused on web development. The company’s project called Digital Marketing Center offers a new website builder that allows users to independently create their websites using different ready-to-use templates. Thus, Microsoft has officially become a competitor to services like Squarespace and Wix.


The website builder has an important advantage – this tool is free. According to the Small Business Association, more than 36% of small businesses don’t have a website, which is significantly limiting their options. Statistics show that about 80% of customers decide to visit the company’s office or make a purchase with it based on the company’s contact information and data they found on the web. Having a website is essential if you want to run your business successfully.


How to create a website with a Microsoft-based website builder


First, you need to register with the Digital Marketing Center and create an account. After you sign up, you can start building your website by clicking My website in the upper right corner of the Digital Marketing Center. At this point, you will be asked to provide a website during the creation of your advertising campaign, select the option “I don’t have a website. Help me build one for free”.


At the next stage, you will need to decide on their website URL. You will be offered two options on how to build your website. You can either choose to pull information from your social media page or you can start building it from scratch, using built-in website components.


If you decide to import your business’s information and content from an existing page on social networks, the website builder will pre-populate your new website with components from your social media page. You can edit the pre-populated fields if necessary. You can make changes to or add the following components: headline and description, business summary, business contact information.


At the same time, you can add more components like social posts and links, reviews, gallery, customer action buttons (Call now, Send email, Get quote, etc.) and a cover image. All these custom options are included automatically and don’t require the user to know the programming languages for web development. But such simplification of the process comes with a price – the websites look very much alike.


Who can benefit from a free website builder?


Microsoft entered the website builders market a month after the “Built By WordPress” platform was launched by WordPress in January 2021. The new platform was presented as a helpful tool that allows SMBs (small and medium businesses) to build their online store or eCommerce website and start generating more profit.


But the new platform offered by WordPress is a paid service, creating a website from scratch may cost you around $ 5000 (depending on complexity). Small firms have a limited budget and they won’t be able to afford it, given that most of them are currently in a survival mode because of the covid pandemic.


That’s why small businesses that cannot afford an expensive branded website or pay for Wix or Squarespace subscriptions will find Microsoft’s free web builder highly attractive.


This is a great opportunity for every AMarkets partner to create their own website absolutely free of charge and get their business up and running or scale their existing business and start making money online. It is important to remember that simply creating a website is not enough to become successful and start making income from affiliate programs and/or advertising, since it’s the content posted on the website that matters and has the greatest value. In this regard, there are a number of other services that will help you find contractors who can create content specifically for your niche depending on your current goals. For example, you can post an assignment on


Website promotion and monetization is a completely different story. In this article, we are sharing a simple solution that will allow you to take the first step and create your own website in no time.


Features of Microsoft Website Builder


You can create a website in Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center for free. But the situation changes when it comes to launching an advertising campaign. The company offers its own advertising platform for the Digital Marketing Center. The user will be able to advertise his website on Google and Yahoo, subject to advertising on Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing.


It is not yet clear how the company is going to prevent the websites created with its website builder from connecting to another ad network. To advertise a website on Facebook and Instagram, its owner will have to buy ads on Linkedin. Let’s recall that Microsoft bought Linkedin in June 2016 for $26.2 billion. You can’t just refuse to advertise your website on Bing and Linkedin, even if you’re not very eager to be placed on these sites.


Microsoft is one of the world’s largest tech giants along with Facebook, IBM and Google. Considering that its stocks are currently correcting, now it’s the best time to buy some shares. An investor can buy stocks directly or in the form of Stock CFDs. We recommend doing it via globally recognized and credible brokers such as AMarkets. Buying shares of this company is a great idea, both in the long term and for speculative purposes. Microsoft stocks are now trading in the $230 area, and, according to forecasts, they should rise to $260 per share in the near future.


We hope that our long-term and fruitful cooperation starts with this article. Take the first step towards your success and build your website using Microsoft’s free website builder. You can also take advantage of alternative options we explored in one of the previous articles of our blog.

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