How to earn $14 195 in one month by selling Expert Advisors?

Dear partners!


We are happy to be back with yet another amazing success story that you may find inspiring.


In this article, we will share the success story of our new partner. He has joined our company fairly recently, but he already earned $14 195 in October 2020.


So, how did he manage to do that?


The partner joined the company in August 2020. He sought to diversify his client pool by distributing his clients among several brokerage companies, including AMarkets. The partner found our conditions quite favorable and suitable for algorithmic trading using his expert advisors. Ultra-fast order execution speed and low spreads were essential since the trading system shows results only if these two conditions are met.


Having successfully tested the expert advisors on his own trading account, he then registered a partner account and attracted his first 15 clients. By the end of August, the clients recorded a profit of about 28% of the initial deposit. The partner decided to refer more clients to AMarkets, whom he had specifically targeted for the new broker.


In October, the number of active client accounts reached 81. They generated a total trading volume of almost 1,800 lots, which allowed the partner to earn $14 195, with an average client deposit of $1000 (recommended initial deposit to work with his trading robots).


Screenshot from the Partner area – “Remuneration” report generated for October 2020


It should be noted that this part of the partner’s income is directly related to the partner’s reward for clients’ trading activity within the “Agent” cooperation model.


Also, the partner earns an additional income from selling his expert advisors – an average of $200 per trading robot. If we assume that each new client who registered in October, purchased the paid version of the advisor (and there were 36 such clients), then the partner earned another $7200.


So, the partner’s total profit in October was $21 395. This is quite a decent result, don’t you agree?


Thus, the partner has built an effective online business model through affiliate programs of several brokerage companies, including AMarkets.


What conclusions can we draw from this success story?

You can take it as an idea for starting your own business. To do this, you don’t need to be a trading guru or develop your own trading system. Today, you can find a great number of free trading robots on the web. All of them are already backtested over a long period of time and come with detailed statistics.


You can compile your own database of such advisors and create a service offering their installation and configuration to help novice traders who are just getting started in the financial markets.


If you are an experienced trader, you can transfer your knowledge, accumulated experience and your trading strategy into the advisor’s algorithm to provide others with this excellent opportunity to automate their trading and earn money using your unique approach.


Algorithmic trading is a great alternative for those who don’t want to spend time learning the basics of online trading in the financial markets. This is a quick and easy entry into the affiliate business, beneficial both for partners and for their clients. Try to explore this field and this excellent source of additional income. Take your first steps towards success as an independent entrepreneur who makes a high profit from home, which has become especially relevant lately.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We wish you to achieve your profit goals and grow a successful partner business!

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