The path from Trader to Partner



Hello! Today we briefly interview one of the public traders and concurrently a partner, Vlad B.


Vlad has a rich experience in various financial markets and is the author of several internet-projects (Academy of Trading, RealTraders Society, YouTube channel, HermesTG). Vlad is sharing with us his success story and his making as a partner.


1. Vlad, would you please tell us how you got interested in forex trading and the path you chose in this area?


When I first got interested in the forex market, it was in 2007, in the post-soviet era, when trading was still at a stage where many understood what it was, but lacked the proper training and knowledge necessary to work it competently. This was a major problem for novices as no one could teach how to make money on the forex market.


Initially, having taken an interest in the prospect of earnings in this area, as expected, almost 3 years were spent in search of the “Holy Grail”, learning from different gurus, and surfing the net. This was the most important period, as it was difficult not to give up the after investing money without returns (on the investment). The first money went after 3 years of hard work, and I actually worked a lot, sitting at the monitor 8-12 hours on end daily: I watched the charts, looked for trading algorithm adjustments, and analysed my work. But now I understand that I could have learned faster if someone had given at that moment cues, as to what and not to do. I had to search for everything myself, collecting knowledge bit by bit.


It is no secret that it is more difficult to work now, as compared to a couple of years back, but people do earn and this stimulates development. I will not talk a lot on trading, but to the novice, here is my advice: if you like what you are doing, then continue! One ought to love trading, otherwise it would be difficult to achieve success.


2. What exactly attracted you to the affiliate forex programs?


The answer to this question is very simple. Money! Trading does not bring stable monthly income, therefore, to remain financially independent in any situation, it is necessary to search for sources of passive income, and affiliate programs, are perhaps by far, the best variants, especially in the case when you yourself trade, and you can even teach others based on your personal experience and example.


3. By what principle did you choose AMarkets as a brokerage company?


Before we started working with AMarkets, we, (together with my traders and investors) checked out a dozen companies including big ones. We started to cooperate with a few brokerage companies, and after that it was evident that AMarkets was constantly developing and never stood still. We also understood that they paid regularly and well. Basically, I did not lose time and chose the one brokerage partner. The principle of the selection was simple: they should pay regularly, they should have good interest rates, direct communication with the the directors and top managers and the broker must be reliable. Managers at work with AMarkets partners are qualified specialists which is important, since one would want to not only talk to consultants or technical support but really with professionals in the area, from whom one can learn something, in order to become better and consequently earn more. The broker is trustworthy and has worked for long, and is on to receive a european licence; and the services that it offers to clients and partners are worthy of attention. In total, we have a good foundation for the work.


4. What is your secret for attracting AMarkets clients?


My secret is quite simple. I communicate with all my clients and i work transparently. 90% of my clients, are people who follow my blog and work. Our company’s mission is even constructed in ‘3Ds’: Trust, Long term cooperation, and Diversification of funds.


My assignment as a partner is to attract clients, but I will never throw them to the wolves, therefore, before I recommend anything, I scrutinise it myself. As for communication and interaction with people, this is the basis of trust and many people like this, and such clients stay for the long haul.


5. How did you change your business as a result of affiliate programs?


In actual fact, the improvements are notable and the prospects are no less interesting. AMarkets provides partners with the opportunity to work and earn, and many aspects of partnership can be coordinated with the management. Besides that, each active partner has the potential to become an official regional representative, and this interested me the most. In turn, I steered business model into the direction of affiliate programs and the results are progressively increasing. As a source of additional income, earlier, I engaged paid training, individual coaching, and sales of trading signals. Now I have directed everything towards attraction of clients for my own projects with lowered prices. This draws people. They are ready to work with a good broker, getting our quality support services to traders and investors.


6. Vlad, what recommendations would you give to AMarkets beginner partners?


I am not an expert on search promotions, advertising and other aspects of internet marketing, therefore I always work directly with people: blogs, YouTube, webinars, mailings. I only have one recommendation: transparency! Be honest with people and do not engage in “black schemes” attraction. Your clientele will grow, with partnership as a token of appreciation. It is possible to attract clients without investment. Yes, this is real, you need to already have experience in this area. If you have something to share with the audience, this is valuable information which can work for you. Maintain a blog; establish a following of subscribers and then lead them to a brokerage company. You can earn significant amounts from affiliate programs. Therefore, I recommend it to those in search of basic or additional income. The final result will be entirely dependent on you.


I wish you success in your clientele attraction and search for stable income!

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