Trading ECN accounts with AMarkets is now even more profitable!

We are glad to announce that we have reduced the minimum deposit requirements on ECN accounts. Now you can place your trades in the financial markets with market execution with only just a $200 deposit. Furthermore, we have increased our leverage to 1:200 and that makes trading conditions even more attractive.

These new terms will be available for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 users.


What are the advantages of using ECN account?

  • Direct access to liquidity providers (Straight Through Processing or STP).
  • Ability to trade within the spread thanks to the absence of Stop/Limit levels.
  • Lowest spreads due to the presence of several liquidity providers in the aggregator operating with “Best Bid and Offer”.
  • Market execution without delays and requotes.


Open an ECN account with AMarkets today and enjoy favorable trading conditions!

You can open a new ECN account with a leverage 1:200 or change the leverage of your existing ECN account in the section Real accounts / Change leverage.


Dear partners, we ask you to use this event as effectively as it possible to attract new active traders to the AMarkets Company.


We offer a wide checklist of promo materials, which help the Company Partners to attract new clients: banners in all formats and sizes, landing pages, widgets, RSS-feeds, message templates, ready-made booklets, and other print materials, different education materials, forex informers, and branded products.


Please remember that you can find all promo-instruments in your personal account area.

For more information, you may contact your personal manager.