My own business in Partnership program with AMarkets

IMG_7087Roman, you have been working as a partner and also as a trader with AMarkets for a long time, could you please tell why you specifically chose our company?
Couple of years ago, when I found out about AMarkets, I already had top management experience in a consultation center of another broker. Nonetheless, I was looking for a more stabile company. Since I consulted people on investment business and trading, I wanted to be sure that the years of work will not be thrown away in case of another financial crisis, but on the contrary, they will bring more and more profit. I wanted to be sure that the company’s management makes the long-term client relationships and top-notch client service its first priority. It’s been a couple of years since I started to work with AMarkets, and I can tell that I’m not sorry about my choice of the company. Also, I am glad that I could see how the company was growing and improving its services, and that I had an opportunity to participate in it. One of the most important factors for me was the convenience of the company’s services, the comprehensible and easy-to-use website. This is not just words. I always considered the company’s website from the client’s point of view: will it be easy for him (her) to work with the broker, or it will take a lot my own time in order to simply explain to my clients how the website works? I already had such experience and hence understand well what I’m talking about. After I had examined the website and services of the company, I realized that there would not be such complications, and I could completely devote my time to the search of new clients. Besides, an important factor in favor of AMarkets was the company’s management. It consists of the competent and experienced people who are always open to communication and ready to personally contact clients and partners.

How did you come to decide to open a full-fledged business and become the head of the consultation center?
First of all, the decision was inspired by the fact that this business is a source of stable income, which is independent of the financial markets, economic and political situations. It only depends on the activity of the partner himself. Besides, opening a full-fledged office in the city’s business center, enabled me to reach a completely different level of earnings, since this way it is much easier and convenient to work with large and serious clients; often, for the client, this plays a crucial role since he should make sure that he has somewhere to go in case of any questions and someone to talk to always.

Having an office does not exclude working outside of the internet, quite the contrary. Due to the synergic effect with this complex approach, it is possible to achieve the best results, however, this is quite individual since i know successful partners who work without an office, i on the other hand made my decision and i do not regret it at all. Moreover, having a consultation center gives me maximum opportunities to earn from AMarkets and its increased loyalty to me since i promote its business in my city and region. These kinds of partnerships are closer and productive.

What kind of difficulties with work do you encounter and how do you solve them?
Perhaps the major difficulty which I had to face involves office maintenance especially in relation to income. As in every business, here too, we meet good months and dry ones. This means that one has to cover current losses with income from the previous months, hence, the evaluation of results and activity should be carried out exclusively on a long term period. There are instances during which some months cover costs of several, and allows one to make really good profit. In any business, one needs to be patient and to find strength within themselves to carry them through difficult times, without standing still, but continuing to move forward; Personally these are moments that spur on personal development and increased productivity, and this inevitably brings results in the short term. You do not get anything good out of overreacting and submitting yourself to panic and melancholy.

Working with clients is always an individual approach, and there is no model guaranteeing success, therefore, you have to find your approach at the beginning of your journey. It is the only difficulty albeit interesting.

What is needed in order to become a successful representative in the financial markets?I think that success is achievement of the goal which you had set for yourself. Everyone has a different criterion for success, but the minimal requirements are resistance of steel and a sense of purpose in the business you are engaged in. If you have carefully weighed and made a decision to engage in business, under no circumstances should you deviate from the intended goal.Of course it is not enough to simply have a desire and a sense of purpose, but you also need to be knowledgeable and competent in the sector that you are working in, as well as continued growth and improvement- your clients need to see you as an expert and a professional in the financial markets, otherwise, why would they need your expertise. If you become a leader of opinion and source of information for others, an honest and a decent dealer with your clients, people will definitely be drawn to you and do not forget that the strongest instrument of attraction and promotion is word of mouth.

What channels are key to attracting clients?qC8DLeaXolc
I have tried different methods of promotion but in my case, what works best is word of mouth. For me, every client is a starting point for further work. When advising client or telling him about possible earnings through trading or investment, i also tell him about affiliate programs and encourage him to bring his friends and acquaintances. If you focus on this and promote this direction along with others, you will never be short of clients and you will never have to spend on advertising. In spite of this, in my work I use all key methods of promotion in order to scale my business as fast as possible; the good thing about AMarkets is that they present partners with a vast array of tools to attract clients on the internet and help with the intricacies of internet marketing.

How do you evaluate your current results and what do you strive for?
Notwithstanding that I have been working with AMarkets company for a number of years, I think of myself as only at the beginning of my journey, since during that time i have been gathering colossal experience and getting to understand better where to go and how.

My plans for development are to work intensively with investors and traders, using an individual approach to each one of them. My work practice shows that the market has more investors than traders, so such a trend has to be taken into account and one has to learn how to correctly work in that direction. Because of this, our office is interested in experienced traders with the knowledge of short-term and scalping trading strategies. We are ready to to offer large investments with such traders, under certain conditions, which I am prepared to discuss with those interested.

If one is planning to start their own business, what should they pay attention to?
First of all i recommend that you think about the requirements of opening an office from scratch – the necessary level of preparation and experience. Think about what you would offer the clients and how you would attract them; if you can easily answer these questions, then there is reason to think about opening a consultation center but it is not enough to spring to action. You can begin by working as a partner without an office and start to form a client base, and getting the first income which will become the the basis of your future business. you can start the business in cooperation with a friend, acquaintance or an entrepreneur with whom you can share the initial costs of maintenance of consultation centre. One person cannot adequately respond to everything all at once so combine your efforts with others, who can bridge the gap in your experience and knowledge. This is exactly how i did it, working together with a few partners, allowing us to have enough time and space for teamwork. Besides that, a like-minded team fuels action without stand-stills.

Good luck!

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