Remuneration rates are rising in honor of AMarkets 10 year anniversary!

Dear Partners!

We are happy to share our 10th anniversary with you and we want to celebrate it by increasing the terms of cooperation with our partners.

For the past 10 years AMarkets has done an incredible work to offer the best services to our Partners, that you can see by yourself. Today, based on your success we know that we have developed great partnership program and will continue to improve upon it.

In honour of our anniversary, we are raising our remuneration rates for our Partners, that is why it is safe to say that now we have obvious advantages:

  • highest remuneration rates for all types of Partner’s account;
  • daily payouts and commission-free withdrawals;
  • detailed reports and statistics;
  • wide functionality of personal area;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • personal support 24/7;
  • easy-to-use effective marketing tools and other features that can make you successful.

Improved terms of cooperation opened up the opportunities to earn twice as much as AMarkets. It is confident to say that our remuneration rates are at least 30% higher that the industry’s average.

Here are a few tips on how you can take advantage of this opportunity:

— Offer increased rates of return on part of the spread to your clients with the built in help of the Affiliate Rebate personal account, which fully automates the process.

— Have clients sign up for a “Classic” account and receive increased profits compared to other types of client accounts.

Additionally, on May 15 AMarkets’ Partner Contest will start. The winner will receive an additional 10% on their remuneration earned during the contest.

Take a test drive of our new terms and feel the difference, because you deserve the best!