A new earnings model – we pay for registration!


We are happy to announce that we have introduced additional payments for our Webmasters in the CPL payment at registration
Now we will pay for not only activated clients (CPA), but also for qualified registrations which have been verified by our client management department. The general criteria to confirm registration for payment:
Correct registration data.
The registered individual is 18 years or older.
A manager was able to connect with and confirm their interest in working with the Company.
Payments are issued daily upon receipt of positive verification.
Remuneration rates:
$5 per lead— “Start” basic package.
$10 per lead — “Pro” advanced package
The new registration payment model starts today. Partners already have begun to receive their first payouts!
You’ll get additional motivation when you start receiving quick payments while waiting for the bigger results given when a client fills their account up and begins trading with AMarkets. Now you can direct additional funds to advertising campaigns and increase the amount of registrations, active accounts, which will ultimately earn you more profit.
Earn more with AMarkets right now!