Make money together with your clients at AMarkets

AMarkets focuses on providing high-quality brokerage services, improving and strengthening its clients’ skills, which makes them some of the most successful in the industry.


A high customer success rate is also a guarantee of fruitful and effective cooperation with our partners. The more clients earn, the higher the income of the partner.


In this case study, we’ll take a closer look at the work of our partner who, being a professional trader himself, became a mentor to his clients, training them and helping them develop their trading skills.


In just three months of his cooperation with AMarkets, the partner earned $5539 affiliate reward from the attracted clients’ trading activity, while the clients earned a total of $122 286. The partner himself made $67 555 from trading.

Thus, the partner’s total income amounted to $73 094.


It should be noted that the partner’s clients have chosen the “ECN” account type, which offers the best trading conditions. At the same time, the partner gets $3 per each lot of trading turnover on this account type. If these clients had traded on the “Standard” account type, the partner would have earned significantly more – $16 617.


AMarkets offers a flexible incentive system and various earnings models, which allows us to satisfy the interests of both partners and their clients.


Generate income with AMarkets by attracting clients and trading on your own, and share your success with others!


You can easily make this happen by using the RAMM Copy Trading system. Become a managing trader and get additional income from profitable trades and trading turnover of all your investors.