Rebate Service

The AMarkets’ Rebate Service is an excellent way of attracting clients, based on the cashback of a part of the partner remuneration.


This tool allows partners to provide better trading conditions to their clients by refunding a part of the spread from each trade. This is a guaranteed profit, received by the partner and the clients, regardless of the trade’s outcome.

This service not only increases customer loyalty, but also the clients’ trading activity,  which ultimately results in a higher partner remuneration.

How this model of cooperation works:


The partner attracts clients

in any convenient way.


The partner sets a single remuneration rate

for all clients or an individual rate

for each client.


Clients perform trading operations

and receive rebate payments

for each closed trade in accordance

with the established % of remuneration.

AMarkets provides a very easy and flexible functionality which allows to suspend the payment of rebates, cancel them completely or change the rebate rate at any time.


Let’s take a simple example:


The Partner attracted 20 clients to AMarkets.

The monthly trading volume was 100 lots, 5 lots from each client.

With the maximum partner remuneration rate of 15 USD per 1 lot (on “FIXED” account), the Partner will earn:


100 lots * $ 15 = $ 1,500

Assuming that the Partner decided to give 20% of his income in favor of the clients, with the other values being the same, the Partner’s income will be:


(100 lots * $15) — (100 lots * $15)/20% = $1200


But since the clients received additional motivation from the Partner, their turnover has increased by 20% and now amounts to 150 lots. As a result, the Partner will earn:


(150 lots * $15) — (150 lots * $15)/20% = $1800


As we can see, the Partner has increased his income by 20%!

How to get access to the Cashback Service?

The REBATE SERVICE is only provided to partners who work in accordance with the “Agent” cooperation model. The service is provided upon request through the partnership programs department.


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