Successful partners cases

Case 1.

  1. Thematic Youtube Channel: Video Content

Cooperation pattern: “Agent” (Revenue share)


Audience acquisition source: Youtube channel on online-trading and investment.


Traffic sources: organic traffic, email, social networks, teaser ad networks.

I’ve chosen YouTube for traffic monetization, because the audience is huge there, and people are likely to watch the most recent videos first. Besides, the trust people feel to such a content is larger as compared to teaser ads or contextual advertising.


So, you set up your Forex and Trading blog and, if new videos are posted regularly, the result will not keep you waiting.


How to make a channel? I would recommend you to buy a new SIM card and register a new google account (gmail). Then you go ahead and make a channel and upload the videos. I used long-tail queries and produced videos based on those queries. I surely make the most relevant titles for them, and insert a description with embedded keys and links to AMarkets partner’s website. I usually generate key phrases using the service.


At first, I used to drive traffic from teaser ad networks and social networks to get more views and to get the channel going. I also made a couple of mailouts using emails from databases of those interested in trading and Forex. Investments into advertising amounted to $800 per month.


The average unique views per one educational/analytical video amounted to 800. The average amount of unique visitors during live-translation was 160 persons. With the total of 12 videos per month, the average exposure made 10 000 persons per month.


  • Lead acquisition cost: $0.29
  • Customer acquisition cost: $27.6
  • Average yield per customer: $152.6

Here are the stats for July of 2019:


  • Leads: 233
  • Customers: 30 (accounts funded)
  • Active customers: 23 (trading started)
  • Raised funds: $38 925
  • The average partner fee rate: $10 per lot
  • Trading volume: 458 lots

Partner fee amount:  $4 580


Case 2

  1. Information product: using pre-landers to sell training courses and trading systems

Cooperation pattern: “Web-master” (CPA)


Audience acquisition source: landing pages on selling educational courses and trading systems. Database generation via email subscription and Telegram channel. Price for the course: free subject to account funding from $300.


Sources of traffic: paid posts in social networks using “warming-up” pre-landing pages, teaser ad networks, and paid placements on thematic websites.


To start with, I prepared a promotional offer landing page: free Trading training, with all the advantages described and a fake time limitation set up. At the bottom of the page, there was a form arranged: leave your email or go over to our Telegram channel on Trading. In the Telegram channel, I had several real feedback reviews attached about successful trading, to warm up the audience. I’ve also bought paid publications in Telegram channels on related topics, to have people go over from there to my group and learn trading.


To get even more traffic to my landing page, I also got placement on thematic websites, made paid publications in mytarget and VK, and tried teaser ad networks as well. Here I used pre-landers with stories of successful traders who learned trading and earned lots of money – and, certainly, it was my program they got trained on. Online there are lots of pre-landers to be based on and to change the text and the links according to your needs. For example:


This link


Or this one


This approach helped me to get lots of email requests and Telegram followers.


  • Amount of partner’s investment into advertising: $400 per month.
  • Lead acquisition cost: $1.4
  • Customer acquisition cost: $15.4
  • Average yield per customer: $132.3

Here are the stats for August of 2019:


  • Leads: 288
  • Customers: 26 (accounts funded)
  • Active customers: 26 (trading started)
  • Amount of raised funds: $12 849
  • Payout for qualified registrations: 84 confirmed leads (29%) * $10 = $840 (“Pro” remuneration rate: starting from 10 customers per month)
  • Payout for deposits: $2600

Total partner proceeds for the month: $3440


Case 3

  1. Content-based marketing (Thematic Websites on Finance)

Cooperation pattern: “Web-master” (CPA)


Audience acquisition source: my own websites on finance.


Traffic sources: SEO optimization, content placement, buying links, social networks, partnership with other websites.


I had a website devoted to financial topic, so sure enough I made a decision to do some SEO optimization and add some new money-generating content.


Here are the particular things that have been done:


  1. Semantic kernel collection and clusterization for articles. Using semantics, I worked over the technical assignment for the text content. I have also determined points of potential growth: the articles for easier top placement and getting traffic from those top positions. These are mainly articles based on low frequency keys.
  2. Using meaningful keys for menu and in breadcrumbs for the website structuring.
  3. Meta tags optimization in all the pages. Snippets should stand out in the search engine results page, compared to competitors, which will have a strong effect on the click through rate, and hence – on the behavioral factor.
  4. Technical SEO optimization. I’ve brushed up robots.txt, site map, canonical link, execution speed optimization, etc.
  5. I’ve also made interlinking, emphasizing more meaningful keys resulting in more traffic.
  6. External SEO optimization. Purchasing links in other blogs and articles. Don’t forget the main principle of platforms selection: consider a website topic which should be close to yours, the amount of organic traffic leading to donor websites, a region, and a period of the donor website existence. I started from buying anchor free links for a natural link profile, then I was adding an anchor and my brand.

Optimization process takes quite a long time: results could be expected only after about six months, but quality of customers is better this way.

  • Amount of partner’s investment into advertising: $3 200 per month.
  • Lead acquisition cost: $11
  • Customer acquisition cost: $76
  • Average yield per customer: $234

Here are the stats for September of 2019:


  • Leads: 292
  • Customers: 42 (accounts funded)
  • Active customers: 38 (trading started)
  • Amount of raised funds: $49 487
  • Payout for qualified registrations: 198 confirmed leads (67%) * $10 = $1 980(“Pro” remuneration rate: starting from 10 customers per month)
  • Payout for deposits: $7850

Total partner proceeds for the month: $9830


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  • Best Mobile Trading Application Global 2023 World Business Stars Magazine Award 2023
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