A new way to earn – cryptocurrencies are now available on AMarkets!

Dear Partners!

We are constantly staying up to date with new trends so that our partners always have new opportunities to earn more with our company.

That’s why we are happy to announce that we have added 8 of the most popular cryptocurrencies for trading:

Cryptocurrencies are known for their highly dynamic movement, thus allowing you to earn more based on the increased trading activities of your clients.

Remuneration rates are as follows:

Key advantages of trading cryptocurrencies:

  • highly responsive to news events and a high accuracy of forecasting price movement;
  • earnings stability due to positive long term growth demand perspectives  
  • substantial liquidity, which provides the ability to earn every day independent of news events and economic factors.

Check out our trading terms for cryptocurrencies in the “Cryptopairs” section on AMarkets’ site.  

But that’s not all! Now your clients can easily and anonymously fill up or withdraw their accounts with their Bitcoin wallet anywhere in the world, bypassing the banking system, sanctions, limits and other constraining factors.

With these new instruments AMarkets provides full freedom of movement and new ways to profit. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions and begin using it with your clients today!

We wish you the best with your Partner business and growing profits!