Make extra money with AMarkets!

Get additional bonus with AMarkets – do your best and make more money! 


AMarkets offers really lucrative earning models – choose one of the available earning models:


  • Agent – receive steady flow of revenue from attracted clients’ as well as second- and third-level partners’  trading turnover
  • Web-master – big one-off bonus payments for (efficient, qualified) registration and account activation


Besides, our Company pays additional bonuses to the most active and efficient partners, who are eager to show greater results and make bigger profits.

How it works?

Every month, the Company evaluates its return on each individual partner to determine the budget, it can set aside for additional motivation of the partner. During a month the Company and the partner negotiate and agree on a certain result.


At the beginning of the next month the Partner receives a bonus payment if he/she achieved this result.


This is real money and the Partner can spend it how he sees fit: rent an office space, pay employee salaries, develop an online project, buy traffic or for other expenditures that will assist in promoting growth and achieving better results in the near future.


How to get the bonus?

Contact your personal manager or email us at partner@amarkets.com. We will discuss the conditions and offer a decent motivation, which can be added to to your general partner remuneration paid daily to the partner’s wallet in accordance with the chosen earnings model.

We offer a wide checklist of promo materials, which help the Company Partners to attract new clients: banners in all formats and sizes, landing pages, widgets, RSS-feeds, message templates, ready-made booklets, and other print materials, different education materials, forex informers, and branded products.


Please remember that you can find all promo instruments in your personal account area.


For more information, you may contact your personal manager.