Islamic Accounts in AMarkets CFD and Forex Online Broker


Dear Partners,

We have some great news for you!


If you or your clients would like to trade Currencies and invest in shares of the world’s biggest companies but religious restrictions do not afford you the opportunity to? We are happy to announce that AMarkets provides an opportunity to all clients to circumvent religious restrictions in trading by excluding the option of earning interest income on their accounts.

In AMarkets, you can open a special Islamic Account (swap-free), which does not have a position transfer fee (swap).

What is swap?

Swap is the transfer of an open position on an instrument to the next trading day. Depending on the interest rates of the currencies held in position, the client can both earn or lose money on swaps.

How Do You Open Islamic Account?

Opening an Islamic Account in AMarkets is very simple.


You simply need to follow a few steps:

 Open Direct, ECN
or Classic account


Top-up your account*

 In your personal
account area, submit
request to change
the type of account
Within half an hour,
your account
will be assigned
a “Swap free” status

Advantages of Islamic Account

AMarkets offers its clients the best trading conditions. Orders on Islamic accounts are processed with the highest speed and accuracy of execution which affords our clients a competitive advantage and 100% compliance with Shariah Law.


  • No accrued interest/swaps
    at nigh
  • Spreads from 0 points
  • 100% compliance with Shariah Law
  • More than 250
    currency pairs, cryptocurrencies,
    metals and CFD

Trading Features

Islamic accounts have no swap fees or any interest income for the transfer of positions. Spreads are applied. On Islamic accounts swaps are canceled, but a commission equal to the amount of swaps will be charged, and can be either positive or negative.

  • Client open Direct, ECN or Classic account.
  • Client top-up his account. Minimum deposit for activation of Islamic account is $100.
  • In the trader’s personal account area, in the “Trading” section select “ Change type of account”. In the “ Trading account number” box, client select the account which type he would like to change. In the “New account type” box, client select the type of new account. Click “ Submit Request”.
  • Account will be assigned the “Swap free” status within half an hour.

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Please remember that you can find all promo instruments in your personal account area.

For more information, you may contact your personal manager.