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How to earn from traffic arbitrage in Forex


With more and more companies going online these days, marketing tools are also evolving. Digitalization in business has become a new normal, and traffic arbitrage is now considered one of the most effective ways to attract new customers to your business.


Traffic arbitrage

Traffic arbitrage is a business model in which a person (media buyer/webmaster) buys traffic from one source and redirects it to another through, for example, a landing page, banner ad, or native ad.


In simple words, traffic arbitrage is a process through which you earn on the spread between the price at which you buy traffic and the price at which you sell it. On top of that, media buyers (webmasters) often act as affiliate marketers, promoting products or services of other companies that are ready to pay for traffic (given that the users actually buy the company’s products and become their clients).


Traffic arbitrage verticals

An essential element of success in traffic arbitrage is determining the best affiliate marketing vertical that will work for your affiliate business. A vertical or a niche is any market where demand comes exclusively from a specific industry.


Here’s a list of 7 profitable affiliate marketing verticals:


  1. Nutra. Health and beauty-related products.
  2. Finance. Banking, investments, online brokerage services, pension funds, e-wallets, etc.
  3. Dating. Websites and dating apps.
  4. Mobile apps. Promotion of various mobile applications.
  5. Gambling. Online casinos, sports betting, and other gambling services.
  6. Sweepstakes. Quizzes, contests, prize draws, lotteries.
  7. Adult. Online shopping for adults and other entertainment services 18+.


No matter which affiliate marketing vertical you choose to monetize your traffic, your business objective as a media buyer or webmaster will be the same in any niche – to promote the products/services and attract new customers.


In this article, we’ll be focusing on financial offers. The finance vertical has become extremely popular among affiliate marketers these days. It’s highly profitable and offers higher commissions to partners.


Choosing an affiliate program

Based on the number of search queries, users are most interested in trading and investing in financial markets. Foreign exchange, or forex, is the world’s largest and most liquid market.

There are different types of affiliate programs available in the growing Forex trading industry, and they vary from broker to broker. Let’s take a closer look at earning opportunities in the finance vertical and take AMarkets’ affiliate program as an example. AMarkets is a global online broker that has been providing high-quality services to traders and investors since 2007.

The company offers two most popular affiliate revenue models:


  • Agent (RevShare) – a steady daily income from the trading turnover of the attracted referrals.
  • Webmaster (CPA) – high one-off payments for registrations and activated clients.


In this article, we’ll focus on the Webmaster affiliate program offered by AMarkets. It’s the best choice for those involved in driving traffic and lead generation. CPA (Cost Per Action) is a popular revenue model among webmasters.


There are two types of earnings within this model: CPL (Cost per lead) and CPS (Cost per sale).


  • CPL (Cost Per Lead) — a broker pays a commission (from $5 to $20) for each confirmed registration.
  • CPS (Сost Per Sale) — the referral makes a deposit and starts trading. The broker pays a commission for the replenishment of a trading account after the client makes its first trading transaction.

Note: CPS commission is paid only after a sale (hence, the name – cost per sale).


In our case, payment to a partner is made after the referral is converted into an active client who started trading and generated a required trading volume.


Depending on the number of attracted clients and the size of their deposits, the partner’s remuneration for each client can reach $500.


To become an AMarkets partner, fill out a registration form on the website and get access to your partner account (Partner Area) with:


  • customer acquisition tools, including referral links, banners, widgets and videos,
  • detailed reports and statistics, including payout reports,
  • a wallet to receive remuneration, as well as the monthly compensation of payment systems’ fees,
  • and much more.

Lead magnet

Every savvy webmaster knows that to drive traffic effectively, you need a lead magnet – a landing page to “warm up” your potential leads. It will provide your potential clients with more information about the advertised product or service and allow you to collect data and analyze where your leads are coming from.

AMarkets offers its partners a wide range of promotional materials, including ready-made landing pages. You can drive traffic to these pages using your referral link or request an archive to install on your hosting. It will allow you to use third-party metrics and tracking pixels to get more detailed statistics and set up your remarketing.

When creating a landing page, use videos and other materials provided by the advertiser. All marketing materials are available in the “Tools” section of your AMarkets partner account.


Also, consider geo-targeting and focus on your potential clients. In order to design a fully optimized landing page, you need to know who you are addressing. Your potential client should see your page and get the answers to these questions:


– What is the service/product?
– What is it used for?


Before launching an advertising campaign, carefully study your target audience. Otherwise, you’ll be simply draining your budget and getting no results.


As a rule, large companies provide information about the target audience.
AMarkets partner portal has a special “Partner’s Guide” section, where you can find customer profiles with description of potential clients.

Banner ads

Banner ads are static or animated images that can help you attract targeted customers to your landing pages. They should be placed on target websites.


  1. Never deceive or mislead potential customers. When creating a banner ad, provide the same information as on the landing page.

  3. When launching your advertising campaign, create several banners to test them and see which resonates with your target audience best.

  5. Try to avoid abstract, visually complex images and negative context. When working with financial offers, use images that directly illustrate success and have a positive emotional appeal. The main purpose is to encourage your clients and drive more sales.

Where to place banner ads:


  • Relevant platforms and websites dedicated to trading and investments.
  • Interest-based websites: cars, construction, real estate, education and training, dating, tourism and others.
  • Related resources: sports betting, poker, real estate investment and startups.
  • Sites dedicated to earnings, employment, and business communities.
  • News and analytical platforms.

If you follow these recommendations and do everything right, you’ll be driving warm leads through your referral link.



It’s time to reap the rewards. You’ve attracted quality traffic which resulted in conversions. The rest of the work will be done by AMarkets financial specialists: they will provide the attracted clients with the necessary advice, offer a trading plan for a quick start, and recommend the best payment methods to deposit and withdraw funds.


When the target client you’ve attracted starts trading, experienced customer managers at AMarkets will take it from there. And you’ll just sit back, monitor the statistics in your partner account and watch your affiliate rewards grow.


Webmaster” is a highly profitable financial offer. With the Webmaster affiliate program from AMarkets, experienced lead generators earn $2,000 per month and more.


The AMarkets affiliate network has more than 3,000 partners. Join us!


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