How to earn 58 680 USD in 10 months with the “Webmaster” (CPA) model

In this case study, we will share the success story of one of our current online partners, who approached the issue of making money from affiliate programs in a smart and conscious manner. We asked him to tell us more about the basic principles and methods he applies in his work.


What product is the partner promoting?


It’s no secret for experienced partners that to achieve a high level of income, you need to work with targeted traffic and attract the right audience.


Keeping this in mind, the partner, first of all, thoroughly researched the product. Once he gained the necessary knowledge and expertise, he created his online course. Having an automated sales funnel allowed him to increase the conversion rate significantly.


The training course consists of five basic lessons that lead referrals from registration to making the first transaction in the trading platform. Initially, the course was free, but later, the partner made only the first lesson free, offering to get the rest of the lessons for 50 USD (limited-time offer). This way, the partner raised the audience’s awareness because if you pay at least 1 USD out of your own pocket, your motivation to complete the course will be much higher. After he made these changes, the conversion rate went up by 30%. The audience became more involved and interested in taking this course. Very often, partners use this approach in their work. Some create their own educational platforms, others use ready-made options, for example, the Udemy educational platform.


To promote his course, the partner created a landing page, where he described in detail the benefits of his product and the conditions for obtaining it. The path is super simple: a potential client gets access to a free lesson immediately after registration (name and mail). Then, he gets a letter with a proposal to buy the full course for 100 USD and a special offer to get the course with a 50% discount within the next 24 hours.


What are the main traffic sources?


  1. The partner compiled a selection of 50 Telegram channels dedicated to trading and investing. He chose the first five channels where he bought paid posts. For each channel, he set up a separate promotional code to determine the source of traffic. Eventually, he identified 10 channels that gave him a result.
  2. Gradually he expanded this list and added new channels. Then, he started placing banner ads and articles on niche websites.
  3. After that, he began to expand his existing audience through online forums and trading communities.
  4. He also made several integrations with YouTube channels but later refused to work with them due to the high cost. If the product had been more expensive, he wouldn’t have been able to cover the expenses just by selling the course. Besides, some of the leads did not pay for the course at all. After completing the basic training, they immediately registered with AMarkets using the affiliate link. So the partner receives most of his income from partner remuneration.


How much did the partner earn?


For nearly a year of active work, the partner earned about 16 000 USD from online course sales, 58 680 USD in partner rewards, and 12 250 USD as an additional performance bonus from AMarkets to support his business. About 9 000 USD was spent on promotion.


So, the partner’s net income amounted to 77 930 USD.



It goes without saying that it’s quite a decent result for 10 months of cooperation with AMarkets. The partner is not going to stop there. He plans to develop his own online trading course to offer clients an immersive learning environment with special attention to practice and improve his marketing strategy and search for new promotion channels to generate an even higher income. AMarkets, in its turn, will keep supporting the partner and his project by paying additional bonuses for newly attracted clients. We are also ready to reinvest part of our revenue in effective and successful partners to earn even more with them and create a joint business partnership.


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