Consultation Center

AMarkets provides you the ability to create your own successful business using the company’s resources and services.

Do you have entrepreneurial experience and a desire to develop new or additional business opportunities?

If so, then take advantage of a Partnership with AMarkets as a regional Partner!

AMarkets offers its Partners:


Rights to use AMarkets brand in the creation of marketing materials or office design.

An individual page on the company’s website for quick client registration.


Education for the employees of the consultation center.


Company provided advertising and marketing support.


More functional Partner’s Area.


Round the clock support from the company.

What’s necessary to become a Partner?

  • Create a legal entity for educational and consulting services.
  • Open and maintain a client office in the business part of your city.
  • Hire staff and train them how to work with clients.
  • Attract new clients and provide further servicing (or this can be handled by the company).
  • Allocate funds for business development.

Recommendations for opening a Consultation Center:

  • An office in the business part of your city in a Class-A office building (Class-B is allowed depending on location).
  • Minimal 30 sq. m. floor plan.
  • The office must be equipped with furniture, necessary equipment and access to the Internet.

To successful Partners AMarkets also provides:

  • Additional motivation systems.
  • Compensation for maintenance and operational costs of the Partner’s Consultation Center.
  • Exclusive rights to the partner region and customer base.
  • Additional marketing support.
  • A modern and effective CRM system for use with clients.

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