AMarkets suggests: Top Movies about finance and the stock markets PART 1

1. Billions, TV series 2016 –


Summary: Billions is an ideal example that “all is not gold that glitters” – the project hasn’t become the mainstream right away – it got lost in the shadow of the more popular shows, but I assure you – it won’t last long. Time will come, and it will get its “Golden Globe” for the best TV Drama. Without question, the scriptwriters and actors deserve to be nominated too. Showtime once again proves its selectiveness and good taste

Storyline: In the heart of New York, ruthless U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhodes goes head to head with ambitious hedge-fund manager Bobby Axelrod. In the world of power and big money, where there is no place for emotions, two giants will clash…

2. Wall Street, 1987


Summary: Wall Street is a very insightful movie that does not criticize all this “stock market fever”. The movie is not going to draw the line between success and wealth, this film praises another ideology – the ideology of a “Self-made man”, referring to people like Bad Fox, Walter Gekko and Oliver Stone, who once decided to bed on themselves and reached new heights of success.


Storyline: A young and extremely ambitious broker, Badd Fox, seeks acquaintance with the black knight of finance, Gordon Gekko, who reveals the secrets of his skills. Fast cash, gorgeous women and all the earth’s sweet pleasures are now in Badd’s hands. The financial flows swirling around bring even more money, more luxury, more opportunities, more temptations.

3. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, 2010


Summary: This film will be of interest to the fans of the first movie and to those who like both social and financial themes. I liked how the movie puts an emphasis on the work-life synthesis.  The topic is not new, but for those dealing in big money, it is very relevant. The unexpected plot twists and the storyline are quite intriguing. Diving into Wall Street life you think to yourself: “Why not to buy a couple million dollars worth of stocks?”.


Storyline: Gordon Gekko a representative of an old corporate raiding school, having served his time in prison, clearly missed the smell of money, fame and his status. His reputation is badly damaged, the world is on the verge of a new crisis. That’s when he meets Jacob, a young successful Wall-Streeter, energetic and full of ideas, who, according to Gordon’s plan, should clear his name. All the three main characters have their own secrets, which, when surfaced, exacerbate the situation to the point, when it’s hard to get out of it.

4. Boiler Room, 2000


Summary: The film is about the constant search for quick ways to make easy money and that sometimes a person doesn’t really care how he earns it. Those who are somehow connected with the stock exchange (or who are going to invest in shares) should definitely watch this film. “The movie is for amateurs, a mediocre film”, – don’t be misguided by such reviews.


Storyline: Seth Davis is a bright college dropout who’s running a casino in his parents’ basement. He gets a job with a small stock brokerage firm and soon discovers that his monthly salary there is bigger than his annual profit from the casino. His dreams of financial success come true, but he soon understands that everything has its price.

5. Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street, 2010


Summary: Terribly interesting! A documentary about scientists, math wizards,  working on trade schemes, developing complex mathematical models and inventing the most complex algorithms. They are called the quants and the place of their work is Wall Street. The film asks the opinion of the quants themselves – what they think about their mathematical models, and whether these models have become an out-of-control monster.


Storyline: The movie reveals how the mathematical geniuses who designed the financial products that almost crashed Wall Street think.

6. Other People’s Money, 1991


Summary: In this film, you won’t see a brilliant director’s work, insanely beautiful camera angles, great music, talented artists. But if you are interested in business and money, you should definitely watch it. There are four main characters, all of them are strong personalities, opinionated, with principles – the Wall Street shark (Danny DeVito), the owner of the company (Gregory Peck), his wife and her daughter (Penelope Ann Miller).


Storyline: Lawrence Garfield a.k.a. “Larry the Liquidator” is a successful corporate raider who has become rich at the expense of others buying up companies and selling off their assets. His next target is a struggling company owned by the eighty-year-old patriarch Jorgenson, who enlists the help of his wife’s daughter, an insidious lawyer, to protect the company.

7. Margin Call, 2011


Summary: Margin Call is a financial drama-thriller, very intense and loaded with great scenes. The story takes place during the initial stages of the global financial crisis. Built mostly on dialogues and reflections, the film portraits a looming financial collapse. This is a very informative movie for those who are interested in the global economy.


Storyline: September 2008. The imminent financial crisis is on the way, but America doesn’t know about the upcoming threat. Only a group of top-managers from the Wall Street keep looking for a rescue recipe. It was the worst of times for them…

Very soon, we will post the second part of the top movies selection of movies that should be on the watchlist of every self-respecting financial market participant. We are always happy to share our views and useful materials with our partners.


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