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AI as an Essential Ally for Affiliate Marketers and Webmasters


On November 30, 2022, the public gained access to ChatGPT version 3.5, marking a significant milestone in the world of content development. This event sparked a mix of hope and fear — hope that neural networks could revolutionize work processes and fear among workers of potential obsolescence. Ultimately, neither extreme came to pass. However, it’s undeniable that AI services have emerged as invaluable assistants in various fields, particularly content generation. Moreover, with rapid advancements in neural network technology, today’s AI tools far surpass their predecessors of just a year and a half ago. Let’s explore how modern AI versions can assist and streamline your workflow and where caution is still advised.



Among the most renowned neural networks of our era is ChatGPT—an unassuming dialogue box hiding a wealth of resources, capabilities, and opportunities.


What Can It Do?


One of ChatGPT’s greatest assets lies in its ability to analyze and structure data. It can swiftly parse through texts of any length, distill key points, and provide concise summaries on various topics. While it can perform the same tasks as websites on the internet, some margin of error still exists.


Moreover, ChatGPT excels at generating structures. It can craft a content plan, draft a landing page or website text prototypes, craft catchy ad headlines, and even create technical specifications for SEO experts.


What’s New?


Since the release of version 4.0 in March 2023, ChatGPT has undergone significant enhancements. It now makes fewer errors, comprehends user requests more accurately, and offers vastly improved multilingual support, a feature warmly received by Russian-speaking users. Additionally, chats are no longer automatically deleted, allowing users to benefit from the neural network’s long-term memory.


There’s Still Room For Improvement


However, there’s no need to fear that ChatGPT will entirely replace human workers. This AI tool does have some significant limitations. Firstly, its performance with texts. While impressive, text generation still lacks the polish of professional human writers. Texts may contain logical inconsistencies or odd phrasings.


The primary concern with ChatGPT is its tendency to fabricate information when confronted with unfamiliar queries. This underscores the importance of verifying any output before using it—a crucial precaution to avoid potentially embarrassing situations. In essence, while AI like ChatGPT offers invaluable support, it’s no substitute for human creativity and critical thinking. By leveraging its strengths while being mindful of its limitations, marketers and webmasters can maximize its utility as an indispensable tool in their arsenal.



How To Enhance ChatGPT Efficiency?


To enhance the efficiency of ChatGPT, you need to optimize your own approach and productivity as the neural network strives to meet your specific needs. When engaging with ChatGPT and writing your prompts, adhere to a straightforward formula:


  • Break tasks into manageable subtasks.
  • Write succinctly and clearly.
  • Verify the output.

Begin by breaking down your task into stages. If you simply task ChatGPT with writing an article, the outcome may likely be unsatisfactory and odd. It’s far more effective to divide the work into stages and request sequentially to:


  1. Propose topic options for the article.
  2. Outline a concise plan consisting of 5-7 key points.
  3. Develop a detailed plan for each point.

Then, with a comprehensive plan at hand, you can either draft the article yourself or experiment by requesting short texts from ChatGPT for each element. However, be prepared to edit the generated content as needed.


Regarding your writing style, remember that while ChatGPT is highly intelligent, it lacks the ability to discern intonation or implied meaning. Therefore, keep your requests concise to minimize the risk of misinterpretation.


Lastly, always verify the results you receive from ChatGPT. This includes not only reviewing the text but also fact-checking any information provided by the neural network. Occasionally, ChatGPT may generate inaccurate or fabricated details.


By following this approach, you can achieve remarkable outcomes, streamline your workflow, boost the quantity and quality of content produced, and attract more clients to your project.




“Midjourney” is among the top neural networks for image generation, producing four versions of an image based on your text prompt. It then refines the quality of your chosen image or offers additional variations.


What Can It Do?


Midjourney has the potential to replace, if not professional photographers, then certainly stock photos, generating high-quality images suitable for websites, social media, and advertising campaigns when used effectively.


Another useful application is in website design development. Although the neural network isn’t capable of generating a complete prototype based on your specifications just yet, it can rapidly produce various design options. From there, you can explore and refine options for individual blocks. While you’ll need to redraw them using Figma or other design tools, it’s a much simpler and quicker process than creating a design entirely from scratch.


What’s New?


Recently, developers rolled out the latest version of Midjourney V6, a significant upgrade from its predecessors. Here’s what’s improved:


  • Generation of Human Faces and Bodies: Faces now closely resemble real ones, aiming for realism rather than a cyborg-like perfection. When it comes to rendering bodies, longtime users of the neural network may recall how peculiar hand appearances could be. Thankfully, the situation has improved significantly now. However, occasional errors still occur.

  • Food and Interior Items: Previously, these often appeared washed out or plasticky. With the new version, crafting images for restaurant menus, for instance, has become much easier.

  • Prompt Understanding: Midjourney V6 demonstrates enhanced proficiency in understanding prompts and nuances, though it’s worth noting that concise prompts increase the likelihood of desired outcomes.

Crafting an Effective Prompt


When it comes to generating stunning images with Midjourney, crafting the perfect prompt is essential. However, you shouldn’t worry about that, as Midjourney developers have already proposed a step-by-step guide to help you create an effective prompt. Here’s the order in which you should describe your requirements for an image:


  1. Style: Begin by specifying the era, genre, artist, or photographer you want to emulate. Whether you’re aiming for a vintage vibe, a modern aesthetic, or something entirely unique, defining the style sets the tone for your image.

  3. Object: Provide a clear and detailed description of what you want to depict in your image. Whether it’s a person, object, landscape, or scene, the more specific you are, the better Midjourney can bring your vision to life.

  5. Setting: Delve into the environment in which the object exists. Describe the location, surroundings, weather conditions, time of day, and any other pertinent details that will enhance the context of the image.

  7. Composition: Specify the desired camera angle, perspective, framing, and overall composition of the image. This ensures that Midjourney captures your intended vision and creates a visually compelling scene.

  9. Lighting: Indicate the type of lighting you envision for the image. Whether it’s soft natural light, dramatic shadows, or dynamic lighting effects, lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and atmosphere of the scene.

Remember to provide all this information in English, and don’t hesitate to use ChatGPT’s assistance in crafting effective prompts. By following these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to generate captivating images that align with your creative vision.




Synthesia stands out as one of the most renowned video generation services available today. This neural network utilizes the script you provide to craft realistic videos tailored to your needs.


What Can It Do?


One of the primary uses of Synthesia is in crafting educational videos. You supply the script, select a virtual character, and, like a real presenter, they deliver your text. For webmasters and website owners, the benefits are clear—you bypass the need to hire speakers, camera operators, and editors.


Additionally, the neural network can be employed to develop advertising videos, although its capabilities in this area are still somewhat limited.


Are There Any Challenges?


Certainly. You may have encountered videos where the characters sound somewhat unnatural. Chances are, they were created using this technology. Currently, generating genuinely human intonations remains a significant challenge for neural networks.


Another hurdle lies in scriptwriting, which can be quite complex. However, ChatGPT can lend a hand in this regard. When evaluating the outcome, focus on keeping phrases concise and clear. Remember, the longer the text, the more challenging it becomes to convey the desired intonation accurately.


Moreover, OpenAI recently announced plans to launch a new technology called Sora in 2024. According to the promotional video, Sora will revolutionize the world of video content creation, promising videos spanning a wide range of styles and topics, from cartoons featuring mammoths to lifelike stories set in various environments. With this innovation, the tasks of webmasters and affiliate marketers will become even more streamlined and engaging.


Neural networks offer a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional hiring practices, making your work significantly easier while enabling the creation of outstanding content. By following our tips for working with these tools, you’ll soon witness a significant improvement in the effectiveness of your work.

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