How to create your own payment system with AMarkers and open a new source of income – ACARD

ACARD is a payment service that allows AMarkets’ partners to make money transfers for their clients using prepaid cards. A partner acts as an intermediary (paying agent) in this transaction and receives commission for his services.

ACARD from AMarkets


If you’re registered as an AMarkets paying agent, you can use an ACARD service to create prepaid cards and fund your client wallets and receive withdrawal requests from your clients. In turn, you will receive the agreed commission for these transactions. ACARD service is a fast and convenient way to fund your clients’ accounts and make money on withdrawals and deposits of your customers.


Suppose, you’ve been contacted by a client who wants to make a deposit with AMarkets for a specific amount. You tell the client the exchange rate and wait for the funds to be transferred to the bank account. You receive funds from the client to your bank account. Now, you need to issue a prepaid card for him. First, you need to top up an account of the service itself. We recommend using Perfect money, because the process is fully automated if you have the Perfect Money wallet. If not, AMarkets will fund your ACARD account manually at your request. Go over to the Deposits section in the upper menu and click New.



Enter the desired deposit amount in USD. Next, click Create.



You’ll be automatically redirected to the Perfect money page.


*Note that you can also top up your account through other payment systems or your AMarkets’ wallet.




Now that you have funded your account, you can proceed to the creation of a prepaid card. Go over to the Prepaid cards section in the upper menu and click New.



Enter the amount and the desired number of prepaid cards to be issued. Next, click Create.



In the window that opens, you will see the list with all the prepaid cards that have been issued and their status. Select the created prepaid card from the list, copy the card code and give it to the client for activation.



After the client activates the prepaid card, you will see an updated status. The client who received the card code has to go over to the Deposits section of their AMarkets Personal area, select ACARD and insert the code. The money will be instantly transferred to the client’s account. To withdraw funds, the client has to send a withdrawal request through the Withdrawals menu of his Personal area. The client specifies his bank account and the desired withdrawal amount. AMarkets processes the request and credits your exchanger account with the required amount. You will see the client request in the Client Withdrawals section of the service.



After that, you contact the client to clarify the exchange rate and make the transfer to the specified bank account.


You can withdraw funds from the ACARD account through the Withdrawals section of the menu. We recommend keeping liquidity in your ACARD account and your local currency count for instant replenishment and withdrawal of the clients’ funds.


ACARD allows paying agents to make transfers for clients 24/7. It’s an excellent source of additional income for partners who can earn good commissions from these transactions.


Watch this short tutorial video to learn more about ACARD payment service:



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