AMarkets App: new tool to monetize your website traffic

Dear partners,


We are happy to present to you the AMarkets app for Android. With its help, AMarkets clients can perform trading transactions*, deposit and withdraw funds, get fresh market data and analysis, and stay up to date with the latest company news.


On the website and in your Personal Area, you can see a widget that informs you about the app. If the user follows the link of the following format**, then after they download the application through the widget and complete registration, they will be automatically assigned to you.



Also, you can use link format** on your resources to lead the user directly to Google Play.


During registration, the user can also manually fill the “Partner code” field.


You can track traffic from the mobile app using the mobile_main_app tag, which will be displayed in the “Registrations” report – the “Source” column.


The app is currently available on Android. The iOS version will be launched soon.


Internal tests have shown that the mobile traffic to registrations conversion rate through the application is over 20%, which is almost four times higher than through landing pages or websites.


Start using the app now to boost the efficiency of your affiliate business.


*only for accounts on MetaTrader 5
*where PROMOCODE is the partner code